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Lazio. Have you already relaxed in the Terme del Bullicame on the ancient Via Francigena?

Bullicame (formerly Bulicame) is a source of hot sulphurous water (around 58 ° C), located just outside Viterbo, west of the historic city center and near the airport.

Bullicame is the best known of the many thermal and hypothermal springs fed by the large hydrothermal basin of Viterbo, together with the other springs, Carletti, San Sisto; Bagnaccio, Zitelle, Piazza d’Armi, and many others. Since the end of the twentieth century the source has shown a progressive reduction in the flow.

The source of the Bullicame has been documented since the early Middle Ages, as a point of passage along the Via Francigena. In particular in the itinerary of Sigerico, Archbishop of Canterbury, it represented the sixth stage (Mansio) leaving Rome and the place was called Sce Valentine, in memory of the Saints Valentino and Ilario, martyred nearby, according to tradition.

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