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Typical Sweets of Abruzzo: here are the tastiest homemade sweets (list being updated)

Do you like the typical sweets of Abruzzo? Well, we think that in this short article you will find something that may interest you. In our official group Viaggiando Abruzzo on facebook we asked our readers this question: “❤Who can make sweets of Abruzzo? We’d like to see your sweet tooth! 🤤🥰“.

Many have answered us with many tasty photos, names of sweets and advices on typical sweets of Abruzzo and also with some recipes to make immediately.

We report some of them here: mostaccioli, bocconotti, tarallucci, parrozzo and parrozzetti, pesche, pizza doce, crostata “presentosa”, sfogliatella, cicerchiata, neole e catarrette, pizzelle, scrippelle, caggionetti, soffioni, celli pieni, sandblasted almonds, totare casolane, pane dell’orso.

We also leave you the direct link to the discussion on facebook as it is constantly updated and reserves many surprises and useful tips every day and at the end of the article a small photo gallery of our readers.

Thanks to the readers for the photos sent. Join Viaggiando Abruzzo (official group) to see more photos and to send yours.

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