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[Video] When Pope John Paul II visited Campo Imperatore in Abruzzo

In this video the exciting story of Lino Zani, ski instructor and mountaineer, who became a friend and guide of Karol Wojtyla or Pope John Paul II. Lino Zani recalls that there were many excursions to Campo Imperatore and the Aquila mountains that the Holy Father loved and also several “secret” skiing on the Gran Sasso d’Italia.

“Until 1997, we went almost every fortnight, on Tuesday morning, to ski and walk on the Aquila massif”, recalls Lino. Just in honor of the Pope, a peak was called in his name, the Pope John Paul II peak located west of Pizzo Cefalone on the Gran Sasso d’Italia. “These were wonderful and unforgettable moments” recalls Lino Zani “when the Pope spent hours meditating in front of the beauty of his beloved Abruzzo mountains”. Photo taken from www.interris.it. Watch the video.

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