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Why the Vasto – S. Salvo cycle-pedestrian path is among the most beautiful in Italy?

Five kilometers of pure beauty, immersed in a luxuriant nature and so close to the sea. This is the cycle-pedestrian path that connects Vasto Marina with San Salvo Marina, two pearls of the Adriatic Riviera.

This section of cycle-pedestrian is part of the larger project of an Adriatic cycleway being completed which will allow you to travel more than 70 km from Martinsicuro to San Salvo in complete safety. But let’s discover why this cycle-pedestrian path has this enormous touristic and environmental value.

What are the characteristics of this cycle and pedestrian track that make it one of the most beautiful in Italy?

  1. This cycle-pedestrian path joins two of the most beautiful and spacious beaches of the Abruzzo coast, that of Vasto and that of San Salvo, both of which are often awarded the Bandiera Blu of the Fee which certifies the quality of the waters and services.
  2. Especially in spring here you will be able to enjoy a luxuriant nature, with many varieties of trees, flowers and plants whose scents will accompany you during a truly unforgettable walk and bike ride.
  3. Many direct accesses to the beach including a very particular one that has taken the name of a magic path to visit in all seasons.
  4. Both in the territory of Vasto and in that of San Salvo, this cycle-pedestrian path crosses important areas from an environmental point of view such as the S.i.c. di Vasto Marina and the beautiful and refreshing pine forest of San Salvo Marina.
  5. It is an equipped cycle-pedestrian track because along the route it is possible to find fountains for drinking, places with tools for physical exercises and, during the summer season, also small kiosks with ice cream and drinks.
  6. During the spring and summer both in Vasto Marina and in San Salvo Marina there are several bicycle and rickshaw rental points, as well as small and useful bicycle repair shops for the maintenance of your bike
  7. All hotels and holiday homes along the cycle-pedestrian path have direct access to it.
  8. It is safe. Much of the route is clearly divided between the one intended for bikes and the one intended for pedestrians. The whole track runs away from busy roads and follows the rear-dune path of the beach. The few crossroads with secondary roads are well signposted and can be traveled in extreme safety.

Roberto De Ficis

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