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Piemonte. Have you ever visited Orta San Giulio with one of the most beautiful island on the lake in Italy

The village of Orta San Giulio is a small town in Piedmont, in the province of Novara. Orta San Giulio is part of i Borghi più belli d’Italia as well as holding the orange flag of the Italian Touring Club. The village is located on Lake Orta and has an historic center characterized by narrow alleys, some of which move away from the lake and approach the Sacro Monte (UNESCO World Heritage Site).

The center of the village can be identified in Piazza Motta, surrounded by buildings with arcades, a lovely sitting room overlooking the shores of the lake. Right from here the boats depart that are directed towards the island of San Giulio (in photo).

What to visit in Orta San Giulio?

Among the religious architectures:

  • Parish church of Santa Maria Assunta (14th century)
  • Church of San Bernardino (14th century)
  • Church of San Nicolao del Sacro Monte (10th century), founded by monks dependent on the abbey of San Gallo
  • Sacro Monte di Orta
  • Church of Santo Stefano
  • Trinity Oratory (17th century)
  • Oratory of San Quirico
  • Oratory of San Rocco (16th century)
  • Oratory of Santa Caterina (17th century)

Among the civil architectures:

  • Palazzo Penotti Ubertini
  • Palazzo Gemelli
  • House of the dwarfs (also called “Casa Marangoni” or “Casa Capuani”)
  • Villa Crespi (Orta San Giulio)
  • Mansion of Orta San Giulio

Furthermore, to remember the island of San Giulio, about 400 meters from the coast. Its name comes from that of an ex-seminary built on the ruins of an ancient castle. The seminar is now home to a cloistered convent of Benedictine nuns.

Photo by Nicola Giordano da Pixabay. Join Viaggiando Italia (gruppo ufficiale) to see more photos and send yours.

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