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Typical products. Have you already tasted Brodetto di Pesce alla Vastese (fish soup), a marriage between sea and land?

Tradition tells us that the wife of a fisherman who lived in the Trave area invented it in 1800. To enrich the meal she cooked daily, once the housewife added the products of the garden to the fish: tomato, parsley and a few cloves of garlic. It is one of the simplest and tastiest dishes of the local seafood cuisine, made with poor and genuine ingredients.

For the Brodetto alla Vastese, “lu vrudatte” as it is called in dialect in addition to the terracotta pan, “earthenware tijelle” », important are the oil of the Vasto hills and the spicy chilli pepper.

As for fish, according to tradition it must be fresh, caught between Ortona and Vasto and of at least five to six varieties. Breeds, red mullet, cuttlefish, walnut, testone, cooked with garlic, pepper and fresh chopped tomatoes (preference for tasty mid-season Vasto tomatoes, “mezzotempo” but other types of tomatoes produced in the area are also good).

The preparation, despite being a simple dish, is very accurate. The varieties are put in the pan, one at a time, depending on the resistance, so that they cook together in twenty minutes. For the result to be excellent, the fish must not be turned, horizontal and rotational movements of the pan are required to mix and season everything.

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