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How to visit the paradisiacal San Benedetto lake? Costs, periods and advice

The San Benedetto lake was formed thanks to an ancient dam of the Aniene river. Another famous dam occurred not far away, in Roman times, to make the waters flow inside the majestic Villa of Nero (whose ruins are still visible) and which allowed the guests of the villa to move inside through boats on navigable canals. .

The San Benedetto lake immediately strikes for the context of luxuriant nature in which it is placed for the shape of its swimming pool and for the turquoise color of its waters. It is located in the territory of Subiaco, in the important area of the Benedictine monasteries, in Lazio.

It is accessed from the road through a path that in about 10 minutes will take you to the waterfall.

What is the best time to visit the waterfall?

This waterfall is often crowded, especially during the hot season when visitors, perhaps fleeing the cities, find some refreshment.

We advise you to visit it during the spring season (late April and May), when the flow of the waterfall is at its maximum, perhaps during the week avoiding the weekend so as to experience this place in silence and peace.

How to get there?

From the town of Subiaco, follow the signs for Benedictine monasteries and then San Benedetto Lake. Everything is very well signposted.

How much does the entrance to the trail cost?

At the beginning of the path there is a sign indicating the entrance fee of € 1.50

What to see nearby?

While you will visit the waterfall, we certainly recommend you to visit the nearby Benedictine monasteries of Santa Scolastica and the Sacro Speco (monastery of San Benedetto) and if you make a trip to Subiaco (5 kilometers away) dedicate a visit to the original medieval back bridge donkey of 1358.

Photo by Roberto De Ficis. Join Viaggiando Italia (official group) to see more photos and to send yours.

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