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Village of Collodi. Have you already visited the Butterfly House in the Historic Garzoni Garden?

The visit to the Butterfly House (Casa delle Farfalle) is truly exciting and unforgettable. This place is located inside the Garzoni Garden, a place of great charm that enriches the beautiful Collodi and the Park of Pinocchio, part of the Municipality of Pescia, in the province of Pistoia, from which the author of the famous fairy tale took its name of Pinocchio.

This beautiful butterfly house is like a crystal casket with a tropical garden inside that houses many exotic plants, a perfect habitat for over 1000 butterflies that, with different shapes and colors, fly free and light. In the Butterfly House you can also follow the whole development of a butterfly’s life, from the egg to becoming that manifestation of lightness and color that we know very well and that makes us dream.

Photo by Maria Lucia Sforza. Join the Viaggiando Abruzzo (official group) group to see more photos and send yours.

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