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Have you ever visited the Island of Marettimo, (perhaps) the ancient Ithaca of Ulysses? [video]

Marettimo is an Italian island belonging to the Egadi archipelago, in Sicily. It is the westernmost of the Egadi islands and there is Marèttimo, a hamlet of Favignana, an Italian municipality in the free municipal consortium of Trapani in Sicily.

The ancient populations of this restricted area of the Mediterranean (Phoenicians, Elimi, Sicani) attributed it the character of sacredness that can still be enjoyed today. According to the Trapani Odyssey theory (born by Samuel Butler), Marèttimo would coincide, from a geographical point of view, with Ithaca, the homeland of Ulysses. It would be the hero himself to indicate its position.

Noteworthy are the various caves, accessible only from the sea; karst phenomena; the seabed, some of which are part of the Egadi nature reserve. The highest point on the island is Monte Falcone (686 m). The island is crossed by various paths.

Photo by jim from Lausanne, Switzerland – Marettimo, CC BY-SA 2.0

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