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Italy. Abruzzo, itinerary for everyone: Caporciano | Bominaco | Stiffe caves


Caporciano is a small town located in the area of Campo Imperatore and the Piana di Navelli. It is a village that still retains its medieval charm with timeless atmospheres. Here you can visit the parish church of San Benedetto abate, the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows, the church of San Pietro in Valle, the Tratturo di Centurelli – Montesecco and the medieval village of Bominaco.

Bominaco, just 4 kilometers from the town, is famous for its Benedictine churches, Santa Maria Assunta and San Pellegrino, which in the Middle Ages were part of a single monastic complex. Just in the medieval village of Bominaco you can visit (reservation required) one of the authentic jewels of Abruzzo, the Oratory of San Pellegrino.

Oratory of San Pellegrino

The oratory of San Pellegrino, one-nave construction, perhaps founded by Charlemagne passing through Abruzzo, rebuilt by Abbot Teodino in 1263; it shows frescoes from the 13th century Abruzzese school, among the largest and most complete pictorial complexes of the time, they represent episodes of sacred history: Childhood of Christ, the Passion, the Final Judgment and episodes from the life of San Pellegrino.

But the most interesting frescoes are those that illustrate a monastic calendar on the two opposite walls of the presbytery: next to an allegorical image of the month seen through the main agricultural activity, there is a page with the days and liturgical memories, with particular reference to the saints of the Benedictine Order.

To separate the area destined for pilgrims from that of the monks – there are two marble barriers carved with the image of a dragon and a griffin and the inscription reminiscent of Theodino and the date 1263. Of the convent of the ancient monastic community there are only very little evidence.

Stiffe caves


The Stiffe caves are a complex of karst caves located near Stiffe, in the territory of the municipality of San Demetrio ne ‘Vestini (AQ), in Abruzzo, included in the Sirente-Velino regional natural park. Testimony of a unique active resurgence in Italy, made accessible to the public since 1991, today constitute one of the main naturalistic sites in the Aquila area, recording over 40,000 visitors annually.

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